1. Sacred Waters Kirtan
    Sacred Waters Kirtan

  2. Houwat/Koebel/Sharp: Traces of the Traceless

  3. In the Moon of Wintertime

  4. The Dacia Bridges Project: Road Back to You
    Dacia Bridges Project

  5. Carolyn Koebel: Collected Works, Vol. III (Collaborations)

  6. Carolyn Koebel~breathing together~Collected Works, Vol. II featuring Elden Kelly

  7. KDK ~ Flow States
    Carolyn Koebel, Aaron Kruziki, Nathan Durham

  8. The Spaces Between Us ~ The Tia Imani Hanna Project

  9. Fonn Mor ~ Along the Way
    Fonn Mor: Curt Tramel, Rick Stubbs, Rick Willey, Katie Montoya, Carolyn Koebel

  10. Cantus Lyra/Harp Poems
    An Dro with Carolyn Koebel, Michele Venegas, Jim Spalink, Fred Willson

  11. From the Ethers
    Carolyn Koebel, Muriel Reymond, Elden Kelly, Doug Berch

  12. Oscillation (Carolyn Koebel & Elden Kelly)
    Carolyn Koebel & Elden Kelly

  13. Blue Dahlia: The General

  14. An Dro & Friends ~ Loose Change
    Jim Spalink, Carolyn Koebel, Michele Venegas, Fred Willson, Cara Lieurance

  15. Bismillah
    Muhammad Ichlas, Zaineb al Amin, Carolyn Koebel, Safira Sugas

  16. Blue Dahlia: This Floating World
    Blue Dahlia

  17. Devotions on a Theme of Love, Vol II
    Carolyn Koebel & Friends

  18. Honoring the Passage II: More Voices from Hospice Music Therapy
    produced by Carolyn Koebel

  19. Love's Pure Light (featuring Muriel Reymond & Doug Berch)

  20. Water Mystery
    Carolyn Koebel & Gary Stroutsos

  21. Devotions on a Theme of Oneness, Vol I
    Carolyn Koebel & Friends

  22. Honoring the Passage: Voices from Hospice Music Therapy & Beyond
    produced by Carolyn Koebel

  23. Kalamazoo Community Rhythm Project

  24. The Skintones Summer Solstice Live
    Carolyn Koebel, Tommy Ufkes, & guest Calvin "Shangojinmi" Ruff


Carolyn Koebel Kalamazoo, Michigan

Carolyn has been exploring rhythm and vibration for the past thirty years. Her early studies are rooted in the Western traditions, while the past 20 years have found her slowly traversing the globe in search of indigenous folk roots and traditional rhythmic materials from Latin & South America, West Africa and the Middle East, and all points in-between. ... more

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